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The Arc of The Hill Country is in the process of compiling a list of resources for our area. If you have a resource you think should be listed, please contact a board member.

Community Resources

Information and Publications

Organizations and Agencies

Special Education

Online Learning

Specific Disability Resources

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Special Education

Idea Practices (Council for Exceptional Children)
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights

(The PACER Center)
Special Education Home Page
Texas Education Agency
U.S. Department of Education
Partners Resource Network
Center for Law and Education
Exceptional Parent Magazine
Families and Advocates for
Partnerships in Education (FAPE)

Family to Family Network
IDEA Partners
 Inclusion Research Institute
Internet Special Education Resources
NCD Report: "Back to School on Civil Rights"
Reed Martin
School Matters
TEA Due Process Hearing Decisions
TEA Special Education Rules
Texas Compliance Monitoring System- an alternative


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